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Frank Kretzschmar

Frank Kretzschmar
Stepwise Management®
D-67157 Wachenheim an der Weinstraße
       Raingasse 18

Allgemeine Informationen

Change Management, Interkulturelles Training, Mitarbeiterführung, Organisationsentwicklung, Top Manager
Tätig seit:
German, English
2200 €

Spezielle Informationen

Zur Person:
Dipl. Psych. Frank Kretzschmar is an effective work and organisation psychologist, a qualified supervisor and organisationdeveloper as well as a keen change manager. He is an experienced consultant and is at home all over the world.

"Throughout my professional life I have repeatedly experienced that teams always developed their potential and strengths to achieve top performance when they shared a vision and a common goal. Witnessing how talents unfold and develop into economic success in the face of new challenges makes my work so satisfying."
The goal of our work is to help our clients remain being successful in the midst of continuous and abrupt changes and in spite of unanticipated developments. This involves a great deal more than classic change management. We focus on targeted preparation for, and adequate response to, change. Stepwise Management is your preferred partner when it comes to using the opportunities and the growth potential offered by change.
Stepwise Management believes in vigilant and far-seeing change management.

We believe in the strengths and in the potential of our customers. We address their concerns and their anxieties and we provide support in coping with them. Step by step.

We develop astute and practical designs from the fields of guidance, training and consultancy, using the requisite tools.

Respect for the corporate culture and achievements of our clients forms the basis for our engagement. In this way we would like to work with you as a partner in discovering new perspectives.
Stepwise Management supports organisations and their executive staff in striving for success. We deliver our services mainly in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Diplom Psychologe

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