4 x 3 days Impactful Leadership for IT-Executives in English, in Germany (inhouse, 20 attendees = € 3.500 per attendee plus MwSt.)

Seminar - TARGETTER Executive Coaching und Leadership Excellence Seminare (weltweit)

IT the THE single most important function in any business when it comes to its future due to Industry 4.0, digitisation, etc.

IT is people business

But it's not about technology. It's all about the people in IT and how they assist their businesses in reinventing, disrupting and innovating their way to a new business model.

This seminar teaches leaders of IT-departmens all tools and methods necessary to lead their IT organisation into the future.

On site coaching

The 4 modules are linked and coaching sessions in between the modules almost guarantee the positive impact of the program.

The program is tailor made to your needs and the attendees can be cross-functional from IT and non-IT!
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Detaillierte Informationen zum Seminar

1. Turn Strategy into Reality

In this module you will master:
  • 5 principles to turn strategies into reality
  • Alignment on all levels of your teams
  • Creating the right perception of IT
  • 'Focus' as a performance accelerator
  • Neuroscience of change
  • Your leadership style, power base and blind spots
  • Reflections & Personal Action Plan

2. Technology is People Business

In this module you will master:
  • 7 tools to coach as a leader
  • Speaking with purpose and impact
  • Bridging the gap between IT and business
  • 5 imperatives to live the right mindset
  • Recipes from leading companies in employee engagement
  • Unlocking the full potential of your talents
  • Creating peak performing teams

3. Leadership Mastery

In this module you will master:
  • 4 key leadership practices
  • Influencing and changing behaviour
  • Leading cross-cultural, virtual and heterogeneous teams
  • Collaborating beyond the silos
  • Networking for business performance
  • Crucial conversations
  • C-Level influence

4. Be the Innovation Hub

In this module you will master:

  • 5 rules to replace uncertainty and the fear of change with passion and purpose
  • Fostering entrepreneurial behavior
  • Establishing an innovation culture
  • Influence with impact and organisational buy-in
  • Better business decisions
  • Long lasting strategic action planning
Dauer/zeitlicher Ablauf:
4 x 3 days within 14 - 18 months, monthly impulses and group coaching
Dear Leader,

Let’s face the facts - in the IT industry, we have become immune to constant messages about change. However, the time has come to face the truth; change is the new norm.

Clients and internal functions demand more innovative and flexible solutions from you. In addition to this, you have to adjust your own organisation, services and products to be competitive.

While managing your talents, opportunities, risks and results keeps you busy, you must also enhance the value of your company. You have to do all this while at the same time being faced with the highest rate of technological change in history.

Action required: NOW

It’s your role as leader to take your teams to the next level of collaboration, service and innovation. Competition is growing fiercer and new competitors emerge every day. Added to that, the battle for talent in our industry is massive. That is why you have to act. NOW.

Based on my 15 years of experience on three continents in the IT industry and a
decade of working with IT leaders, I have designed a process that will help you to
bullet-proof your business, grow the business and align all your people for joint

Transforming IT

Impactful Leadership for IT Executives is about transforming your IT company into a
competitive and significant hub of innovation, led by the best leaders in the industry.
It’s about you and your leadership team performing as the driving force, leading your
teams and your company to new levels of success.

It's a journey

Join me on this journey that will help you and your management team become the
leaders your company and your people need. Leaders who create, connect and inspire
by using the most impactful tools to shape your company’s successful future.
Become the leader you want to be. It will be an honour to serve you.
The program is designed for executives / managers already in a leadership position or nominated for a management position.
Technische Voraussetzungen:
No technical requirements.
This is likely to be the most active, impactful and passionate program you ever joined.

We will keep you and all participants active, engaged and inspired all day long with:
  • facilitator input
  • challenging case simulations
  • solving participants' cases
  • small group work
  • individual work
  • peer coaching
  • best practice sharing
  • worst practice sharing
  • inspiring video clips
  • real world examples
  • different feedback formats
Attendees will be challenged to have an honest look at your own leadership style, and realise
what you have to start, stop, change or continue in order to be the leader your organisation
needs today and in the future.

Attendees will emerge from every module with tangible, concrete action steps. You will be
able and committed to immediately use the tools from the training when you are back at

Making the learning stick

To make the learning real and sustainable while fostering the implementation of
everything you have discovered, we conduct focused coaching calls in between the
modules. Coupled with this, the strong bond that develops amongst the participants and
their action plans will keep them going.
all management levels in IT
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