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The two-year Executive Master Degree program in International Business  reflects a generalist education with a strong international focus that promotes and improves students’ professional and social competencies.
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21.10.2019 Innsbruck 18.900,00 €
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In a globally competitive world the demand for internationally trained executives is constantly increasing. Thus, MCI Management Center Innsbruck has developed this Master program with an innovative and modern approach that directly addresses these needs.

Program Features ...

  • Managerial Development
    • The MBA program provides students with the relevant skills and knowledge to move their careers forward in an increasingly competitive global environment.
    • Leverage real-time learning for immediate application of knowledge to the work-place.
  • Accessibility & Flexibility
    • The program is uniquely designed and delivered by world-class faculty who know the strengths, and not just the name of their students.
    • Leading-edge interactive technology provides students with unparalleled flexibility and accessibility.
  • Networking
    • The diversity of an international cohort provides an invaluable opportunity for students to network with others within and across industries.
    • Join a global alumni network for professional and personal advancement.
Dauer/zeitlicher Ablauf:
4 semesters, part-time and blended learning

As a participant in the program you will ...

  • Integrate community, ethics and sustainability with competitive strategy.
  • Explore international businesses and cultures to gain new insights that can be applied to your organization immediately.
  • Develop your managerial skills and competencies through our comprehensive program of theoretical study backed by practical experience and analysis.
  • Gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses thereby allowing you to draw more effectively on your managerial abilities.
  • Advance your professional standing with a blended learning format that is flexible enough to accommodate busy people.
  • Accelerate your career as a global business leader.
  • Undergraduate degree from a recognized university and minimum of 3 years of professional experience in a qualified position prior to commencement of the program (ideally, qualified professional activity also during the MBA program).
  • Applicants who do not have a first degree but extensive work experience will be considered for admission, provided they submit the required GMAT score of 610. Each application is reviewed on a case- by- case basis.
This MBA Program is designed to support early- and mid-career professionals around the globe who want to develop their management competencies, leadership skills and intercultural experience. 

Prospective students with diverse backgrounds such as in engineering, healthcare, law and others will find this program enriching. Those with a background in business will be able to deepen their knowledge and understanding.
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