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'Leadership in Action' is a rigorous, total­-immersion experience that will break you out of the leadership routine and accelerate your personal and professional growth. Expand your boundaries through experiential learning for leadership and followership succes.

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16.09.2020- 18.09.2020 Berlin 4.500,00 €
15.09.2021- 17.09.2021 Berlin 4.500,00 €
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For an entrepreneur building a company – or an entrepreneurial thinker strengthening an existing organization – moving beyond the leadership comfort zone is more than an option: It is necessary for survival. Economies and industries are being turned inside out. Traditional corporate hierarchies are no longer sustainable. As a result, standardized approaches to leadership no longer work. In the absence of a roadmap and rulebook, today’s managers need bold leadership skills to drive real change. They also need fresh paradigms to make effective decisions.

Leadership in Action (LIA) shows managers how to achieve both. A rigorous, three-day, total-immersion experience helps chal lenge, stretch, and push leadership skills in unexpected ways. Using the transitional approach to change, an actionand-review framework extends thinking beyond classic presentation and case-study methods. During the action program segment, participants are challenged to move, perform, communicate, and create during an innovative set of experiential encounters. During the review segment, participants are then engaged in collaborative peer feedback. The combined elements work together to accelerate personal and professional growth – breaking out of the leadership routine and into greater opportunity.

    • Developing innovative leadership strategies for teams and industries affected by rapid change
    • Cultivating greater followership and developing one’s own strengths by focusing on the substance and character that people naturally want to follow
    • Collaborating within a learning, cooperative laboratory environment that generates true innovation
    • Fostering healthy group competition that enables achievement at both the personal and organizational levels
    • Supporting communication strategies that reach across organizational, cultural, and gender barriers to motivate people and move companies forward
    • Building teamwork concepts that transcend traditional hierarchies to address the diverse talent clouds that make up today’s workforce
      Dauer/zeitlicher Ablauf:
      3 days
      Participants will learn to build bridges between people to generate greater value. By acquiring new strategies for leading and following during the program, managers will learn to better identify, define, and reinforce their interpersonal strengths. The program will also point out areas for further leadership development. At the same time, it will support participants’ pursuit of a critical balance in planning, action, and interaction during high-pressure situations. As valuable agents of change within their organizations, participants and their teams will thus be better able to see and seize opportunity in a business and economic environment marked by rapid change. Plus, they will do so with a fresh set of insights and skills.

      All ESMT programs are practice-oriented. This means that participants profit from the current state of research being applied in business today, research that can be implemented once participants return to their organizations. Furthermore, the programs provide both the participants and their organizations with fresh perspectives and a solid network of global contacts. In addition, each program is an opportunity to promote and retain valuable personnel.
      We have designed an experience-based program for managers and independent collaborators completely outside of
      the classroom.
      Tuition fee includes program attendance, all materials (usually in electronic form), any online access and the certificate of attendance.
      Managers and independent collaborators interested in learning about leadership and followership, facilitated through an action-based learning approach.
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